Watercolor power

Hello and welcome to website dedicated to my watercolors. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Martin, and I am from Slovakia. Since I was a kid I was always interested in painting and drawing.          Right now I paint with watercolors and the main subject are landscapes and cityscapes. I focus on  painting historic buildings across Europe and wonderful nature such as High Tatras in Slovakia. Right now I paint mostly scenes from Italy, France, Slovakia and Belgium. 
         The materials that I use are Canson watercolor paper /250 and 300g/m/, Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton watercolors and squirel brushes. The main reason why I do watercolors is that watercolors have a lot in common with ordinary everyday life. When you see something you like / a sunset, a street scene,  two people siting on a bench/ you have only a few minutes to enjoy that view, and it is the same with watercolors. To do a watercolor painting you have a limited time and limited brush strokes to finish the piece, after that you make it, or you dont make it, or you over do it..
           If you have any questions, dont hesitate and write me a message. I am open to bulk discounts and discounts for regular customers. I really do hope you will enjoy my watercolor paintings and will have a good time at this website.

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